Romi’s Way is a non-profit organisation working with one goal in mind; ensuring people, animals and the environment are seen as one beneficiary, one unity where all parts are equally important, balanced and in harmony with each other.


Core part of our work is to promote balance so that the actions of humans will not abuse or harm animals and the environment and increase imbalance in the planet. 


Imbalance is increasingly seen through the effects of climate change, increasing rate of extinct species, consumer trends, education models not addressing the current global needs and industrial farming and farm animal breeding. In other words, the preferences of modern humans are over-using the natural sources and overlooking the needs of other species. This all creates imbalance.


The good news is, humans are on a driver’s seat towards the changes, and therefore also in a driver’s seat to change the direction and seek for ways to restore balance. This is the starting point of Romi’s Way!

Without judgment, without activism, without anger or frustration – we are looking to the future by focusing on finding practical and globally applicable means to restore balance. This means, we will be looking at a triangle of stakeholders with humans, animals and the environment all being beneficiaries, and ensuring that all of our actions have positive impact on the whole ‘triangle’. This way we create win-win scenarios and healthy balance. 


Who we are and why we exist?

We are a group of people with professional background on humanitarian work, education professionals, ecological agriculture and circular economy experts, yoga teachers, horsemanship trainers and animal-human connection experts. What unites us all is the desire to bring balance,  harmony and respectful ways to cohabit the planet with other species in a way that brings no harm to anyone or to the environment.

Romi’s Way is a concept that one horse called Romi awakened in her owner and one of the co-founders of Romi’s Way. This is a way of beauty, way of harmony between humans and animals and a way of connection back to Nature and back to our selves with the assistance of animals and nature. Romi’s way is an open concept and not a fixed method. It is a concept that only follows the following key principles:

- we seek change by inspiring others;
- we believe true change is only achieved when attitudes are changed, and that attitudes will be changed when behaviour changes. Behaviour will change when we realised the change will bring us positive results; 

- real change cannot be forced through and cannot be based on opinions or judgement (therefore we do not do activism or ‘fight against’ any injustice);

- Real unity is an open concept and allows us to explore and adventure by using research and experience to break rules and fixed patterns. Balance is not a fixed stage and requires flexible and open approaches 

- what ever actions we do, we always benefit three parties: humans, animals and the environment 

- none of our actions does any form of harm or abuses any of the three parties: humans, animals of the environment.


Triangular benefit concept

Romi’s Way mandate is simple, it follows a programmatic approach where all programmes, projects and actions contribute to the same goal: to restore balance between people, animals and the environment. We passionately believe this can be done without judgement and without radical sacrifices, simply because what we promote is always bringing wellbeing, happiness, health and joy to people too. And this concept of circular benefits is presented in the triangle below. Benefits are to be measurable and objectively verifiable. 


Supported by animals and the environment

Programme 1 seeks to support peoplee connecting back to the living environment of our planet. This means to learn from Nature and other species and grow respect towards other forms of life. We want to do this with the support of modern innovations and networks. This means, by using available technology, social media and the whole planet as a platform to share knowledge that aims to improve human living conditions and wellbeing in a way that does no harm for the environment or animals, but actually does some good for everyone.

Our programme activities include, but are not limited to:

- Animal assisted therapy and growing-together groups for special groups of children, people with trauma or abusive past, women’s group and immigrants group;

- Romi’s Way school applying Finnish- School methodology with emphases on learning through natural experience and from the living enviroment;

- Online self-learning materials and courses for people around the world seeking for ways to connect with animals and environment and create balanced Life.



Supported by people and the environment

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with this challenge. Homeless Outreach is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.


Supported by people and animals

Programme 3 is related to the Environmental challenges under climate and global change conditions - conservation and regional development. The objective is to protect and enhance biodiversity, protecting the landscape with the development of traditional products. We aim to work in the socio-economic revitalization of marginalized areas contributing to regional development achieving their sustainability.

At Romi’s Way, we believe environment can be supported in a way that benefits humans and animals too and therefore limits or eliminates the need to abuse the natural sources. We truly believe balancing our needs and resources is important and by doing so, the effects of global changes for climate and biodiversity can be sustained. 

“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong in the world"

Paul Farmer



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