A horse with an intention to guide and teach

Romi was a beautiful black mare owned by the founder of Romi’s Way organisation. 

Her owner was a normal hobby dressage rider and lover of Nature and animals, but she did not understand the true nature of horses and other animals and naively thought humans are to look after them, teach them and ‘control’ them. 

Romi lead her owner to a different path, starting to open her up to a different reality where the horse was a teacher and human a humble student of Life, Love and Nature. This path opened up slowly with small actions where Romi demanded different solutions - such as softer riding methods to help her back aches, more natural and low sugar food to support her nutritional intakes and different language to communicate than what humans are used to. In all small ways, Romi was demanding subtle ways and more BEING together rather than DOING together. And very promptly her owner started to realise what she has not seen throughout the years and how naive she was thinking horses and animals ‘need’ our teachings and guidance - and how much this thinking was limiting her own understanding of reality and purity in Life.

Romi opened up a new way of being and living for her owner, which snowballed and expanded to all areas of her Life. Romi started to influence the way she looked after herself, the way she was judging about herself turned into more compassionate and healthy self-love, the way she was eating became organic considering environment and wellbeing of of life forms. And the relationship between Romi and her owner became balanced, subtle, respectful and open to exploring unknown together. 

Romi was tragically killed by a hunter in November 2016 Poland at well known dressage stables, where the owners were simultaneously arranging hunting tours. She was shot while being in a paddock with her foal and another horse by same owner. The stables never took any responsibility and the Polish court ruled the shooter innocent. 

While Romi left her body at age of 10, her legacy lives every day and influences the way her owner sees the world (inner and outer). Romi’s Way was established to honour and continue the path Romi showed to her owner and help other humans to seek for better balance between people, animals and environment. 

In a loving memory to the ‘larger than Life’ character of Romi, Romi’s Way was crafted to bring humans closer to the natural world. 

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