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Mother2Mother compan membership

Mother2Mother compan membership

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Mother2Mother is Romi's Ways 'flagship programme' designed to support vulnerable mothers who are socially excluded/ stigmatised, victims of abuse, human trafficking or rape, live in povertry, are underage or young  and who may be single heads of their families. Romi's Way believes mothers are the engine of the world and all mothers poses superpowers that require extreme physical and mental strenght. All mothers need support, but particularly those who we see as vulnerbale moters need not just to be supported, but leveraged out from their struggles.

Mother2Mother network is our new initiative (hopeully running by end of 2021); a global platform for mothers to joins, share, learn, communicate and engage with each others and experts related to women's  and family health, care, family care, gender equality and personal growth opportunities for mothers.

We are inviting organisations, companies, institutions and entities working with women, families, gender issues and children to join as honorary members, hoping that you would be interested to share articles/ interviews/ information/ knowledge and ideally share campaigns and awareness raising information that your entity is workgin with to all of our global members on the platform.

Becoming a Mo2Mo member is to join into a global family of mothers. It is made my mothers, to mothers, with love. We will provide tagging and visiblity to all company members  in our materials and promotions of the platfom, ensuring you logo is shown amongst others who believe women deserve to be leveraged and seen as priority group globally.

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