Guardian of the earth sponsorships

Guardian of the earth sponsorships

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Romi's Way works with people who have been disconnected from the Nature due to poverty, discremination or bullying, trauma or hardship. We work with families who cannot afford to enrol childnren to hobbies or to serve them with healthy organic meals. We work with people who have experienced disease, additions, losses or hardship and who feel alone, isolated and far from being united with the world. We also work with the next generation - with children, to allow them to learn from the master itself, Nature. We provide people connections back to Life and provide them opportunities to learn, grow and heal with the assistane of animals and Nature. 

We work with horses and animals with abusive past or who have been neglected. We want to connect these animals back to people who can show them love, care and joy. We want to let these animals to feel their value for the Life on earth and help them also to learn, grow and with with the assistance of people and Nature.

We work with environment suffering from human (and potentially animals) abuse and misuse. We want to give Nature a change to recover and be respected in the hands of humans and through the contribution (such as bio-fertilising and bio-energy production) of animals. We want the Nature to grow, blossom and produce healthy harvest with the assitance of humans and animals.

Guardian of the Earth sponsorship is a one-off act of support and kindness. 

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