- Snowballing benefits and positive changes for people, animals and the environment -

Romi’s Way is a holistic cycle of good actions results to good results. We are referring this to as a triangle of benefits (yes, circular, but in our case triangular since we always work with 3-parties; humans, animals and environment). 
For more details on our 3-year plans and implementation, please have a look at our programme menus below.

Taking a Break


Supporting people with the help of animals and the environment

Romi’s Way believes we can learn, grow and heal with the help from animals and nature. 

Therefore Romi’s Way strategy to support and improve the lives of people is to seek for opportunities from the living nature. 

In our 3-year strategy and project goals, we have identified the following activities for special groups of people:

1. Learning for Children : Romi’s Way school where learning is based on Finnish School model and takes place through practical experiments in nature;

2. Healing for adults and children:  Mainly equine assisted healing groups for adults with trauma, recovery or illness as well as for children with mental of physical disabilities. Healing with Romi’s Way is focusing on connecting to nature and by working side-by-side with our rescue horses and gaining per support from them;

3. Online learning courses and publications: Romi’s Way will produce small number of self-learning courses aiming to support people around the world to seek opportunities to learn, grow and heal with the support from animals and surrounding nature in their own homes and home countries.

Horse Legs


Supporting animals with the help of people and the environment 

We at Romi’s Way see animals and all live on the planet equally valued and important. All lives matter and should be respected. Whereas the butterfly effect of disappearing biodiversity and species will reflect on all lives on earth, we also believe that Butterly-effect of positive changes would ripple its benefits to wide and far. Due to this, we are curious about active ways to  support, not just passively conserve or preserve, but to improve and maximize all good efforts.

Our strategic focus for the next 3 years for animals is to:

1. Research and promotion of alternative better practices to keep animals: For us it is important not to preach or judge, but show the world that respectful, pain free and kind ways to communicate and coexist with animals is actually beneficial for all. Healthy and loved production animal produces more and of better quality. A dog or a horse trained with boundaries but without force, pain or aggressive control can teach you much about yourself and help you to cope with difficult times in Life. We work side by side with scientific methods and by experimental research; 

2. Animals supporting people to heal and grow: Romi’s Way does not believe in pity, but in glorious second changes that allow something beautiful to grow in a place of pain. And such change is possible for every person and every animal. Therefore we unite animals (mainly horses) and humans who have face challenges, addictions, disease or disabilities or are receiving from trauma of loss to peer with animals (mainly horses) and by understanding, by compassion and eventually by curiosity to see ‘what else can we experience together’, the path to healing and growth will be harmonious and based in mutual respect and understanding. 

Tree Planting


Supporting environment with the help of animals and people

This planet is our only home and it is filled with many wonders and practical lessons.

To reflect the current day environmental challenges and climate change, Romi’s Way will combine efforts of conservation and regional development. We want to both protect and enhance biodiversity, protecting the landscape with the development of traditional products. We aim to work in the socio-economic revitalization of marginalized areas contributing to regional development achieving their sustainability.


All this we are aiming to do by recognizing that harmful practices for the environment are coming back to people and animals as harmful results. Therefore our efforts are again to recognize the circular nature of events (call it Karma if you wish) and that this works beautifully well when we aim to do protective and sustainable actions for environment - we can collect sustainable and healthy results for people and animals too. This is the win-win we promote. 

In our 3-year strategy, we are aiming to address the following: 

1. Establish a community food production and learning project in 2 or more countries, including Portugal;

2. Establish a pilot bio-energy and bio-fertilizer project using horse manure in Portugal in order to mitigate global climate changes;

3. Conduct and publish a carbon hoof-print study and a Conscious Guide to Sustainable Horse Owners.

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