- Snowballing benefits and positive changes for people, animals and the environment -

Romi’s Way is a holistic cycle of good actions results to good results. We are referring this to as a triangle of benefits (yes, circular, but in our case triangular since we always work with 3-parties; humans, animals and environment). 
For more details on our 3-year plans and implementation, please have a look at our programme menus below.


Education provides knowledge, but only compassion and empathy give wisdom to take decisions on behalf of the other 

Romi’s Way believes we can learn, grow and heal with the help from animals and nature. 

Therefore Romi’s Way strategy to support and improve the lives of people is to seek for opportunities from the living nature. 

In our 3/4-year strategy (including a flexibility due to COVID19) and project goals, we have identified the following activities for special groups of people:

Romi’s Way Mission is to promote balance between humans (children), animals and the environment through provision of practical education, campaigns, research and inspirations towards positive social change. 


Our vision is a world where human actions cause no harm, pain or imbalance to animals nor the environment, but where all three are harmoniously and respectfully coexisting and enjoying quality Life on planet Earth.


Our strategy for 2020-2024 is to focus on our GreenEducation Programme. 


The overall aim of the programme is to re-shape existing educational systems and create new educational models for children, youth and adults where learning takes place in Nature and from Nature, and where behavioral change towards compassion, kindness and peace towards all forms of Life are amongst the key values mainstreamed and embedded to actions. We see this as a global need and something the developed and developing countries should do together. This programme covers five pillars


Pillar I:Romi’s Way Alternative educational curricula (globally adaptable to developed and developing countries)  and ad-on curricula to support existing school systems (globally adaptable to developed and developing countries)


Pillar II:Romi’s Way Green School (for 6-16 years olds) including a green leadership project (globally adaptable to developed and developing countries) 

Pillar III:Food-farm: Food Forest (pilot in Portugal)


Pillar IV:Child and youth lead environmental outreach to communities (pilot in Portugal)


Pillar V:Ethology and animal welfare – next-generation animal welfare education (globally adaptable to developed and developing countries)


All projects are in line with the core concept of Romi’s Way, ensuring that any and every action is always planned and implemented ensuring triangulated benefits for people (primarily children), animals and environment and that none can be harmed in any way.




Physical school establishment and functioning project aiming to offer next-generation green leadership and problem solving skills for children and youth from 6-16years of age. Learning adapts the Romi’s Way Alternative Education Curricula. The aim of the school is to graduate the next generation decision makers, leaders, workforce, mothers and fathers who have a deep experience based understanding of the needs of our planet and how to sustain quality of Life and harmony in the planet. These are skills none of our current generation leaders were taught and the ambition of the school is to imprint the need for new education, radical change on the prioritization from economic growth and business development towards ecological values, wellbeing of the flora and fauna and review of consumer habits and the issues of overproduction, waste and the climate change. 

Key part of the process is the development of the Romi's Way School curricula and ensuring this is applicable for both, new school set ups (after the pilot school has been running for at least a year) and to be adapted as add-on approach to any traditional/ national curricula.

We are enthusiastic to start the pilot school project in Portugal, aiming to polish a globally adaptable (including developed asn develoing countries context). Our aim is to have the school set up and ready to start in autumn 2021.

Estimated Project funding need for the first 12 months is - 350,000EUros


This is an online based (potentially offline downloadable version to be developed) course targeting children and youth globally. The course is focusing on respectful green leadership skills as a vocational training package. The course can be facilitated by formal education sector, institutes, education/ recreational centres and potentially non-formal education settings or child-friendly spaces. The key is that Nature is the real teacher whereas the human teacher is a facilitator. Learning process is based on practical learning and discoveries encouraging children’ decision making to be based on sustainability, harmony and do-no-harm (to people, animals or environment) approach. The goal is to provide skills, knowledge and attitude for children and youth to understand the global challenges of our times (i.e. climate change) and how make decisions for greener future. 


Green leadership project will include a creating of a membership network allowing the Green Leadership students to communicate and connect globally and allowing the facilitators to connect and receive support online.


Project funding needs for first 12 months – 60,000Euros


Forest Farm is a key part of the Romi’s Way school project, promoting native plants and trees and biodiversity to be planted and maintained. Through the forest farm children will learn about life cycles in Nature, about interaction between different plants and species as well how Nature seeks balance and harmony. Forest farm also provide harvest for the school kitchen and against a 2hours work in the forest, provide a free organic food basket for low-income families on weekly bases. 


Romi’s Way Green school graduates are to be function in any area of light and be equipped with skills, knowledge and attitude to thrive for a healthy and balances globe where the idea of growth is not causing further imbalance of harm to people, animals or environment. Where the idea of responsible decision comes from ‘we’ rather than ‘me’-first approach. 


Project funding needs for first 12 months – 60,000Euros


Children and youth around the world are rising to challenge the current decision makers and processes effecting their future. The voice of the next generation cannot be ignored and they must be heard and their concerns addressed. One way Romi’s Way wants to empower the children and youth to influence their own future and also to encourage child and youth lead action is the use of performing arts. Romi’s Way wants children and youth to reach out to communities, companies, institutions, local authorities, parents and neighborhoods by creating art performances (theater, dance, galleries) demonstrating the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and national regulations to protect and sustain a green environment, animal welfare regulations and responsible consumerism. The project is developed and lead in Coimbra, Portugal to serve the Central-Portugal region through mobile performing art activities. 


Project funding needs for first 12 months – 100,000Euros

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


Many habits, values and decision making modalities are rooted to learned practices from childhood. The way we treat each other, the way we treat animals and the way we treat environment influences our adulthood behavior. Best way to ensure kindness, empathy, compassion and well developed emotional intelligence are embedded in all aspects of Life is to ensure we are investing on these values when teaching children. 

Romi’s Way ethology education for children is teaching children and youth about animal welfare and also providing a different perspective to understand animals, their needs and their wisdom. We strongly believe this understanding is to be part of traditional pedagogy and taught in schools around the world. Investing on ethology is also a long term investment for the individuals themselves, providing a connection to reality and nature many urban children are at risk of losing while the ‘virtual world’ attracts their attention increasingly.


All Life is to be respected and Romi’s Way envisions a world all species are allowed to have quality Life supporting their natural needs and habits without humans causing them pain or harm. It is up to the next-generation to fulfill this vision with the support we can currently provide them.


Project funding needs for first 12 months – 30,000Euros

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