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This provides provides a summary of our programme activities for our programme pillars in 2021-22. 

PROG 1 (Humans): Mother2Mother - empowering vulnerable mothers and their children

Many mothers are struggling to support their children and families, particularly due to the increased need for them to stay home during the COVID19 pandemic, limiting income generating opportunities, as well as opportunities to receive physical and mental support. Single-headed households with minimum income, stigmatised mothers from LBGT community as well as mothers suffering from domestic violence and those have children born out of rape or young mothers are amongst the most vulnerable ones. In addition to them, mothers who are victims of sex trafficking or human trafficking are suffering with unimaginable trauma while simultaneously doing the most difficult and most important job in the world – being mothers. We want to make sure they all receive the support, empowerment and opportunities to actively participate in the community without prejudice of stigma and this is what our Mo2Mo project is aiming for. Activities include:

  1. Collecting, combining and distributing age-appropriate item packages for children & families. These packages are delivered to vulnerable mothers, who in exchange provide the out-grown items back to Romi’s Way. All items are second-hand, including clothing, toys, books and other essential items.


  1. Mama-mentoring is a way to listen with compassion, allowing vulnerable mothers to be heard and communicate their struggles to another mother. These ‘mamamentors’ are trained Romi’s Way volunteers who are not therapists, but mothers who care about the wellbeing of other mothers and who are regularly ensuring the vulnerable mothers are coping with their own struggles and capable of looking after their children. We are aiming to train 10-20 ‘mamamentors’ until the end of 2021. 


  1. Networking through Mo2Mo global network, which is a free channel for all vulnerable mothers to join in, and for supporting/mentoring/advising mothers to join by paying a small membership fee. This network allows vulnerable mothers to share, chat, learn and receive guidance from each other and from the supporting mama-members.


  1. Advocacy work to reduce stigma and prejudice towards vulnerable mothers and their children through a regional campaign in Central Coimbra including social & digital media messaging advocating on issues such as domestic violence (and how to report it), single mothers rights to social equality, economic inequalities between male and female society members, as well as promoting the social inclusion of mothers and their children to take an active role in the communities.

This project is funded by Airbnb Community Foundation and Global Giving until end of year 2021. 


PROG II (Animals) -Equine assisted therapy and art sessions

our main focus is to work with therapy animals, mainly equines (horses and ponies), in a way that these animals would be able to help support the needed healing process for humans (women, children and men), for other animals and for the environment. We are currently working on a new project, subject to funding, that may start in the beginning of 2022. Funding need for this project is 24,000Euros annually


PROG III (Environment) - Climate Change video series to connect children to Nature

Project includes a video series on Youtube for children, where we will help them understand the concept of climate change, how it can be managed in an age-appropriate manor, and what actions can be taken to connect children back to nature and animals. This video series will be followed by a published illustration activity book. Project funding is confirmed until end of February 2022.

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