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August 13, 2019

“ Greatest wisdom of Madde has been to teach me kindness and forgiveness. Compassion towards all living beings. First I practise these with Madde and from there, I start slowly opening my heart to humans also. She is my soulmate” - Nina Laiho (and her horse Madde)

Romi's Way is so happy Nina Laiho shared her light and wisdom with us. She is a Finnish horse and human trainer who found an alternative way to be with horses and learn to connect to Nature and to herself through horses. She inspires us greatly by finding her own unique way to move from the control driven traditional riding world into into the soft and control free path she now lives, promotes and teachers to others. We are also honoured to say Nina is an official AMBASSADOR to Romi's Way and you will hear much more about her later on.

Here is what we discussed with lovely Nina: 

What does balance Life mean to you? "For me it means recognising your own values and priorities and taken them into consideration everyday in a way that no aspect is pushed above others. This means living as your true self and handling the joys and sorrows of Life accordingly."

What inspired you to change towards more natural and connected way of living?

"I grew up in a countryside and lived there until I was 20 years old in the middle of a forest nearby the sea. I am always carrying a small longing to return to this silence and feeling of safety provided by Nature. From this feeling raised a great desire to protect the Nature we still have, through micro and macro actions."

Why according to you, is living in  better harmony and balance with nature and animals so rewarding?

"Humans have always been at home in Nature, we belong there and even now it seems this is the direction our brains still keeps pulling us towards to."

What does it mean to you to be a Romi’s Way ambassador and part of a movement aiming to inspire people to connect back to Nature and seek balance through living Nature?

"Animals are the purest part of Nature and therefore Natural. Nothing compares to the feeling of speaking the same ‘language’ with another species we do not share a common human language with. The soul of animals is so pure and innocent, they are filled with pure emotions and truth and this is not easy to sense in another human being, although we all carry the same purity and truth hidden inside us as well. Animals in their purity are so intelligent and marvellous and evolution has perfected them to fulfil their specific roles in this world. As a Romi’s Way ambassador I have an opportunity to inform people about this unique value of animals and inspire others to recognise their true value and Nature-given role."

Thank you Nina and Madde for bing our first Inspirers and Ambassador introducing your way to to connect to Nature and animals. 

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